AGRO ORGANIC CONTROL provides control and certification services for organic products and foods.


1. Apply for a certificate:
- with phone: 00 359 888 23 24 22, 00 359 877 90 01 18
- with e-post:;
2. Receive application documents from AOC, they can also be downloaded from AOC’s website -;
3. Carefully read the documents, fill in and send (submit) to the AOC office;
4. The AOC will review the Application received, if it has been filled in correctly and has been sent with all information regarding the manufacturing process of the particular product according to the applicable certification scheme, the AOC will provide you with a Certification Agreement and a price quote;
5. If you accept the proposed contract and the price offer, you sign the relevant documents and send them to to the AOC office;
6. The AOC informs you about the inspections (inspection) to be carried out at your facility, the duration of the inspection and the inspector / team by sending a plan;
7. If, as a result of the on-site inspection, it is determined that your farm or business meets the organic production requirements, it will be included in the AOC control system and added to the list of controlled entrepreneurs.


On-site inspections of the applicant / operator will be carried out to verify compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 848/2018.
AOC notifies you of the upcoming inspection by sending a schedule with inspection time and inspector/ team information.
The duration of the inspection varies and depends on the type of farm, access, initial inspection or inspection, applicant readiness, and more.

During the on-site physical inspection, the following should be done:

• Certification plan for which you are certified to the inspector / team: A - production, B - processing, C - presenting documents and records related to trade;
• Provide access to fields and structures, facilities, buildings, equipment and means of processing, storage and transportation;
• Provide sampling conditions (mandatory in case of whistleblower assessments, random inspections or suspected violations);

The on-site inspection at the establishment will conclude with a final meeting where the inspector/ team will notify the applicant of the results of the assessment, including any discrepancies found.

In case of non-compliance, your consent is required to take action to eliminate non-compliance with non-compliance regulatory requirements for products and certification programs, and the time for inconsistencies to be resolved is 30 days from inspection.

AOC provides certification subject to the following conditions:

• Contract signed for inspection and certification;
• Positive report and opinion on the implementation of certification requirements;
• The decision to issue a certificate
• All financial obligations have been paid.

After a successful inspection, the process is conclude with a certificate.


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