“AGRO ORGANIC CONTROL” offers services on control and certification of organic products and foods. 


1. You declare your request for certification

• On Tel.: +359 888 232422, +359 877 900118

• on e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. You receive from AOC a set of documents to prepare your Application. They can be downloaded from the website of AOC –

3. Read the documents carefully, fill them in and send (submit) them to the office of AOC.

4. AOC consider the received application, and if it is properly and correctly completed and accompanied by all the information about the production process in accordance with the applicable certification scheme for the particular product, AOC offers you Contract for certification and a price list.

5. Upon acceptance of the proposed contract and price offer, you sign and send the relevant documents to the office of AOC.

6. AOC inform you of the up-coming on-site inspection of your farm/enterprise by sending you a plan, the time period during which the inspection will take place and the name of the inspector/ the team members.

7. If it is established, due to the on-site inspection performed, that your farm or enterprise meets the requirements of the organic production, it will be included in the control system of AOC and entered to the list of controlled operators.



On-site inspections at the premises of the applicant/operator are carried-out with the purpose of verifying the compliance with the requirements of (EC) Regulation № 834/2007, (EC) Regulation № 889/2008 and Ordinance № 5 of September 3, 2018.

AOC inform you of the up-coming inspection by sending you a plan, time period during which the inspection will be carried out and the name of the inspector/ the team members.

The duration of the inspection is varied and depends on the farm type, access to the farm, the initial inspection or surveillance, on the preparation of the applicant, etc. 

During the physical on-site inspection in the farm you are required:

  • To submit to the inspector/team the documents and records related to the certification scheme A "producer", B "processor" and C "trade / distribution for which you are certified;
  • provide access to fields and buildings, premises, buildings, facilities and means for processing, storage and transport;
  • Provide conditions for sampling (this is particularly required when inspections are caused due to reported violations, where random inspections are carried out or where there is a doubt for violation);

The on-site inspection at the premises of the operator ends with a closing meeting where the inspector/team informs the applicant on the results of the inspection and identified discrepancies, if any.

In the event that any discrepancies have been found, your consent will be required to take actions for eliminating the discrepancies related to non-fulfillment of the regulatory requirements to the products and certification schemes, where the deadline for such removal is 30 days from the date of the inspection.

AOC provides certification under the following conditions:

  • Signed contract for control and certification;
  • A positive report and opinion on the compliance with the requirements for certification;
  • Decision on granting certification;
  • Payment of all financial obligations;

Each successfully completed inspection is finalized with certification.